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Dear Trick Daddy and All Other Nan N!&%@$

Dear Trick Daddy and All Other Nan N!&%@$

Dear Trick Daddy and Nan N!&%@$,

Thank you so much for taking the time out to read this letter. I will make it brief, because I know seeing so many words might overwhelm you. As it is universal knowledge that N!&%@$ don’t like to read. Recently, I read your comments regarding your comparison of spanish and white women to black women as though you were shopping for accessories or household appliances and not another human being. With rape culture and modern society promoting such ideals I am sure it’s difficult to tell the difference. I found your second most profound statement to be:

You not achieving nothing, bitch.”

 This, from the person who has yet to achieve neck length braids in over 15 years. (personally, I would have used the verb “are” after the subject of the sentence and changed “nothing” to “anything”)

But what do I know? I was wondering who exactly you were talking to with this statement. Surely, this comment couldn’t be directed to the most educated group in America according to the National Center for Education Statistics (2016). That would be black women. Or was this comment directed to the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs (business owners) in America (Fortune Magazine, 2015) because that would also be the black women. Or was that directed towards your mother who raised you and your siblings as a single parent after she decided not to swallow? I’m confused. I think we’ve achieved alot. We may not have much to show for it, provided we keep using our tax returns to get you studio time for your wack ass mixtape or bailing you out the holding cell for that suspended license. But that’s…irrelevant I know.

I was certainly flabbergasted (in a state of awe) when you referenced women getting their makeup done for $150 to go to a local club. I was wondering how you knew the price of a beat face or where exactly to find these women. Perhaps you may have funded this activity and then preceded to attend the club with the young lady sporting $200 jordans  and borrowed jewelry? Maybe you can help me with the details of the roots of these statements.

Lastly you dealt the final coup de grâce with your last sentence:

They fuck around and learn how to fry chicken, you hoes is useless.”

(Again, I would have used the future tense verb form “will be” after the the subject “hoes”) But we still managed to understand your message through broken 4th grade English) I can imagine how this might upset the natural order of things in your mind. First we weren’t achieving anything and now we can’t even fry chicken, the world is becoming a scary place, my friend.

Honestly, Trick (can I call you that?) you know what surprised me more? All the Nan N!&%@$ who defended you and even thought your statements were comical. Whether they found truth in them or not. I just couldn’t comprehend which part of them hated their mothers so much, they found it ok to publicly shame black women as a whole. The same women that show up for them time and time again.  But maybe that’s all we are good for….


Useless Black Hoe M.Ed

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  • D Coleman
    October 27, 2016

    😘😒 #thatisall

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