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About Me



Hey y’all!!!!

Welcome to the my site. I appreciate you for stopping by and loving on me! I am an author, blogger, travel junki,e vlogger, speaker, performer, poet, veganish foodie, immigrant, woman with a whole lot to say! Originally from Miami (born n bred), lived in Tallahassee for college, then NYC for a pinch, and now I live in Ecuador, South America. (and loving it). #afroecuador I welcome all questions about the living abroad experience.

What to expect on the site:

I write about everything I experience. So you may catch a blog on meditation, you may see one about me twerking in the mirror, you just never know! I  share recipes, workouts (cuz the kid lost 80lbs). I believe sharing is caring and I hope my blog enrichs your life from the righteous part to the ratchet and everything in between. I have an awesome ebook of poetry on the shop page with some other cool items. (New books coming soon)

Feel Free to:

Add me on Social Media Sunni Speaks on FB and Snapchat(I’m never on Snap tho) Sunnidapoet on Instagram and Twitter.

Comment whether you agree or disagree. If you don’t want to be all out send me an email or a DM and let me know how you feel.

AMA- Ask me anything publicly or in a private message and I will keep it 100 with you weightloss, living abroad, depression, let’s talk about it!

Love, Peace, n Hair Grease,